Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Scary dream

I had a dream last night and I just wanted to get the jist of it down. Bad artwork I know, too tired to do something nice.

I don't know what the dream was about exactly, all I do remember was at some point I was with a large group of people and we looked up at the sky and the sun turned red or black or red-black. It had these black dots in it and the sky turned dark. I know I was near a church that I used to go to when I was a kid. I was trying really hard to hail a cab and I got one and I made my mum get in it and told it to go to my grandma's house. For whatever reason I decided to walk. Except I couldn't really walk, the ground was slippery or something, and I had to grab on to stuff and pull myself along. It's the oddest feeling, as though the world were suddenly vertical instead of horizontal, and you had to cimb to get anywhere. Needless to say it was slow going, what with the additional rain and wind and black sky, red sun and people rushing about trying to get to church or something.

That's all I remember from it. I don't like dreaming of black suns... I sometimes do, but those dreams are never pleasent.