Saturday, May 19, 2007

Charlene paints more... and still badly


Quick paints in Photoshop for the girl. Over a sketch I did on impulse.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Charlene paints... rather badly


Playing with watercolors. I think the scans look better than the real artwork, so if you think they're rather crappy well, it's not the scanner :s

The weird part about trying something new artistically is that the first time you do something, it always seems quite nice. Probably because there's no frame of reference. Then you do another piece, and another, and by the 10th you're convinced you're the lousiest artist on Earth. Then you keep at it and by the 100th you're comfortable with whatever it is you've been doing, and then someone comes along and tells you how much they like it. And then you feel happy, and then you feel scared that there's some magic formula you've invented that you now have to replicate, and then you go back to thinking you suck.

Orrr..... perhaps that's just me.