Friday, October 13, 2006

Fangirl from Hell

For Illustration Friday's 'Smitten' theme.

The first idea was to do a girl who was in love with a rockstar. Then my husband kept on playing his Guitar Hero 2 demo, so I kinda decided to turn the guy into the rocker that comes with the game. Then I thought it would be kinda funny if the girl was a devil, since you know they say metal rock is satanic and whatnot. Then I thought the title would be kinda neat. So here you have it.

Hand inked, line colored in Photoshop, paints in Painter.


Michelle Lana said...

heehee...great one! nice!

KaRLa said...

waww!! great illo, im a really fan of you, i hadnt seen your blog before,!! but i always visit your website,!! and is so cool too