Saturday, July 22, 2006

Various doodles

Been busy drawing Mythandria and doing the GameAxis cover. Next week I have to draw Superman as Spiderman. SuperSpiderMan. Ugh.

Anyway a couple of doodly things.

Fenoril and Catarax from our comic, Nowhere. I got to thinking about inking the other day after talking to Kristal. I think I suck at inking; I can never figure where I want my blacks to go. But I kinda sorta like the look I'm getting with these. But Wayne likes the pencils and I honestly don't know if I can ink things like landscapes properly, so I guess we'll just be sticking with pencils for now.

Fen on a horsie. The horsie's leg is screwed, I know. Just a test to see if I can draw people on horses.

Various doodles from today's warmup. I got this nice book by this animator guy, so was in the mood of doing more cartoony sort of sketches. I quite like doing cartoony stuff but I am afraid of it as well. Partly I'm scared that if I only draw cartoony stuff then my sense of proportion will go out the window. That and I'll start to look like everyone else. And since I'm not a trained animator, that it'll look wierd.

I worry too much.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What I want

(This post doesn't have pictures. But I'm writing this down anyway since I remembered it and I think I shuld jot it down somewhere.)

The question about what I want has been an annoying thing to me for the longest time. Some people have a bad habit of popping the question time and again, which is really frustrating not because I don't have a clue about what I want, but because it's just a pretty long list that includes tangible and intangible stuff.

I think a lot of people don't really know what they want, which is why they ask the question in the first place. Or perhaps they want to her someone else state their wants and see that they acieve their goals, because they don't want to face up to the reality of their own wants. Or perhaps they are more sinister and simply wish to know what you want so that they can gloat about it when you don't achieve your ambitions. Or perhaps they are truely clueless and it's just one of those questions you ask when you're sorta out of things to say and want to try and stay relevant.

Anyway, on what I myself want, here's the list, as it stands in my head. I've also marked off the stuff that has already come to pass; hopefully everything gets checked off before I die, but if not, well at least I got some stuff done, which is more than I can say for some people.

  1. Work for self - done
  2. Be an illustrator - done
  3. Be an artist - Sorta done
  4. Be published in a men's magazine - done
  5. Be published in an international, well known men's magazine - Not done
  6. Be published in an international magazine - done
  7. Get a magazine cover - done
  8. Get a book cover - not done
  9. Get a CD cover - done
  10. Be loved and adored by designers the world over - not done. trying not to care.
  11. Do comics - sorta done
  12. Do comic I am proud of - Doing
  13. Have critiaclly acclaimed comic - Not really within my control. Trying to let it go.
  14. Get illustration agent - not done
  15. Sell paintings - not done
  16. Have solo exhibition - not done
  17. Win illustration award - done
  18. Win Commarts or Society of Illustrators award - not done
  19. Have own line of merchandise - not done
  20. Make vinyl toy or plushie - not done
  21. World peace - not done, can't do nothing about it, trying not to care
  22. Earn 100K per annum from illustration work - not done. gotta get agent.
  23. Buy a house - not done
  24. Get a cat - done
  25. Get out of Singapore - not done
  26. Not care about what others say - not done, working on it
  27. Have better ego - working on it
  28. Draw better - working on it
  29. Paint better - not really working on it
  30. Get a guy who really loves me - done
There. That's what I want, give and take a few things. Beat's saying 'I want to be happy', deosn't it?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Metal Gear Horsie


Was doodling this and played with some filters and it turned out kinda like the illustrations for Metal Gear. Sorta. Ok so I'm not that good. I'm going to sleep now.

Before dinner doodle


Was waiting for Wayne to bring back dinner.



Drew this yesterday while very, very tired. I hadn't slept well for days. Afterwards, I crashed for 12 hours. Today I feel much better.