Monday, April 23, 2007

From the sketchbook

I draw these in my sketchbook at night while I'm in bed. Which explains why they're rough. And sometimes wierd.

A head. And a girl with a ghost bunny.

Creative uses for Xerox machines...

Random scribbles.

Some sketches. Did a job for Arena, but the stuff that came out was a bit more comical coz I thought it should be considering the article (or what I thought I read of it since the a/d didn't send it to me in its entirety). Was wondering whether I should have done it in my normal stylish-posey thing, but I dunno, it just seemed like it was better served with a bit more humor. Or maybe I'm just selfish with the posh-sluts, I dunno.


Fabián Fucci said...

Very cute sketches. I like the girl with the flag to the wind. About the girl sitting on the Xerox, I used to think I was the only perv around.

I have to say your sketches have an extra flow that somehow gets lost during the vector cleanup, as it happens to me when doing lineart over my blue pencil sketches for animation. I would like to see in a future a finished illustration of yours in vectors with a heavy load of healthy roughness. But, I like your artwork the way it is presently, too.