Saturday, July 22, 2006

Various doodles

Been busy drawing Mythandria and doing the GameAxis cover. Next week I have to draw Superman as Spiderman. SuperSpiderMan. Ugh.

Anyway a couple of doodly things.

Fenoril and Catarax from our comic, Nowhere. I got to thinking about inking the other day after talking to Kristal. I think I suck at inking; I can never figure where I want my blacks to go. But I kinda sorta like the look I'm getting with these. But Wayne likes the pencils and I honestly don't know if I can ink things like landscapes properly, so I guess we'll just be sticking with pencils for now.

Fen on a horsie. The horsie's leg is screwed, I know. Just a test to see if I can draw people on horses.

Various doodles from today's warmup. I got this nice book by this animator guy, so was in the mood of doing more cartoony sort of sketches. I quite like doing cartoony stuff but I am afraid of it as well. Partly I'm scared that if I only draw cartoony stuff then my sense of proportion will go out the window. That and I'll start to look like everyone else. And since I'm not a trained animator, that it'll look wierd.

I worry too much.