Saturday, August 12, 2006


For Illustration Friday's 'Play' theme.

Was at a club yesterday night. I must be getting old, spent most of the time thinking 'this is stupid'. Anyway, I suppose it influenced the pic.


PaulW said...

dont worry, i do the same thing too,
i grew out of clubs ages ago,
give me quiet bar, a pool table and decent jukebox and i'm happy,

i'm much more easily pleased now i'm getting on a bit (26).

nice drawing though,
really captures the feel of what it used to be like going out,
the guys were wasted and the girls never seemed that bad,

C. Bennett said...

Awesome picture man. That guy is funny. (I think he is going home with the wrong person though, Whips are the first sign of bad things to come) Also feel the same way about clubs too.

Michelle said...

Really love this, and your style! What a fun piece.