Thursday, June 22, 2006

Where We Live

Had to take some pictures of the apartment becuase a magazine is thinking of covering it as part of an upcoming article. I think they will be kinda put off at the messy state of things here but well, we're essentially messy people really. Anyway, here's a quick tour:

The front door is on the left. My main drawing table is in the hall (if you could call it that), right in front of the door. The bookshelf is actually the comic-book bookshelf, the rest of the books are hidden in built-in cupboards in the rooms.

My drawing table, lights, and loads of paper. In the foreground is my lightbox.

Sofa and stereo. That's not light or dust on the sofa - it's cat fur. Don't ever buy corduroy for furiniture coverings if you have furry pets.

The other half of the hall, which has the dining table and the kitchenette. We don't cook so it's not too bad for us but I don't know how the neighbours manage to make that little space produce food.

The CD towers. See the newspaper on the floor? Wayne's stupid cat poops and sometimes takes a piss there. Stupid cat. You've been warned.

Half of my computer room. The easel is here but it only gets used now and then. The painting has been there for a few months. I should finish it.

This is the computer setup. Not a major rig at all. My equipment is pretty out of date.

The narror hallway dividing the hall and the bedrooms. The left room is the computer room above. To the right is a bathroom. Straight ahead is the bedroom.

This is Wayne's computer table. It's always messy and has bits of tissue paper all round. I keep telling him to toss them but he never remembers.

That's the DVD shelf. The wierd little shelf above it was there when we moved in, so we just use it to store knic-knacks like my replica katana. Yes that's dirty laundry on the bottom left.